How to Get the Most Out of Your New Bras

By Linda the Bra Lady on July 21st, 2010

Knowing how to buy the right bra is only half the battle. It’s amazing how much abuse our bras go through. Here’s some advice on how to keep your bras (and you!) looking fantastic.

Before you Buy

  • As your bra gets older, it will stretch out – not shrink. Remember: those three hooks are there for a reason! When you first buy a bra, it should fit best on the loosest hook. As the bra stretches out, you can switch to the tighter hooks

  • When it comes to bra bargains, buyer beware! Making a bra is more complicated than other articles of clothing. Most cheap bras have weak elastic and underwires that easily break. All of the bras on my online store have been tested and approved by me, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

After You Shop

  • The best way to wash your bras is by hand with Lingerie Wash. If you must put your bras in the washing machine, wash them in cold water with detergent that is designed to handle delicates. You should also use a Wash Bag to prevent the underwires from getting caught in the machine.

  • Never, ever, ever put your bras in the dryer! Not only will the spin cycle bump and twist your bra, the heat will weaken the elastic. Dryers are the #1 bra killer.

Know When to Quit

  • I like to say that your bra is not a Mercedes – it won’t last forever! The life span of a bra is about six months, depending on your size and how often you wear it. When you’re down to the tightest hook and you’re not getting the support you need, it’s time to throw the bra out.

  • Whenever your body changes, your bra size changes too. If you’ve gained or lost more than 5 pounds, be sure to get fitted again. You can see directions for measuring yourself on my online

  • You wear your bras more than anything else in your wardrobe – why not give them a little TLC?

    Stay fabulous, ladies!